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  • LNG Conversion: "Do Your Homework, Play The Fundamentals Of The Game"LNG Conversion: "Do Your Homework, Play The Fundamentals Of The Game"

    In this exclusive podcast, Tim Haïdar of Oil & Gas IQ speaks with Peter Keller, Executive Vice President of Tote Inc. about why more and more organisations are turning to liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel option, and how the challenges in doing so can be overcome.

    In the course of his interview, Peter touches on:

    • Why companies should be thinking seriously about LNG conversion
    • The economic case: conversion and ROI based on the market price of LNG
    • Emission Control Area (ECA) standards – meeting environmental requirements
    • Whether LNG bunkering would actually be a viable solution for North America absent the shale boom
    • How the North America LNG supply side will develop over the next 5-10 years

Exclusive ContentExclusive Content

  • [eBOOK]LNG Bunkering: The Changing Tides Of The Marine Fuel Paradigm[eBOOK]LNG Bunkering: The Changing Tides Of The Marine Fuel Paradigm
    With increasingly demanding environmental standards, it is clear why so many players in the maritime sector are turning towards liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an ecologically-friendly and commercially viable alternative to conventional marine fuel sources.

    Many of the world’s major maritime hubs are located in emission control areas (ECAs), zones in which stringent limits were implemented to minimiseairborne emissions (SOx, NOx, ODS, VOC)from ships as defined by Annex VI of the 1997 MARPOL Protocol.

    Despite the current price of oil, LNG appears to be the most promising long-term solution. In 2014, 59 per cent of port participants in Lloyd’s Register’s comprehensive LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Survey indicated that they had specific plans to provision for LNG bunkering.

    The growing number of existing as well as potential ECAs is projected to further drive the demand for LNG bunkering in the coming years.

    In this e-book compendium, we pull together LNG bunkering intelligence from across the Oil & Gas IQ archives and package them for you in one handy download.
  • [TIMELINE] From Steam To LNG - The History and Evolution Of Global Shipping
    Since the dawn of civilisation, international commerce has been carried out by ship. In 2013, approximately 90 per cent of world trade was carried by sea - the most cost-effective way to move goods and raw materials around the world en masse. In this timeline, we chronicle the history of world shipping from the advent of steam propulsion through the diesel age to the coming of the next revolution in the maritime world – liquefied natural gas (LNG).



  • LNG Bunkering 2015: Where to next?LNG Bunkering 2015: Where to next?
    LNG bunkering is on the verge of hitting the mainstream as an alternative for world shipping, but there are several factors that still need to be overcome:
    • Where will the greatest hurdles for LNG be in the coming years?
    • Is LNG the most efficient solution to emissions standards regulation?
    • Where will bunkering infrastructure develop first?
  • LNG Bunkering: Worldwide Trends 2013 And BeyondLNG Bunkering: Worldwide Trends 2013 And Beyond
    With ECA regulations on fossil fuel emissions coming in to effect in 2015, the world of shipping has turned to liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a greener, cleaner alternative to conventional diesel power. In this detailed infographic, we take a look at some of the stats behind the upcoming  transformation of the bunkering world.


  • [CNGVA] - Barriers to LNG as a Marine Fuel in Canada[CNGVA] - Barriers to LNG as a Marine Fuel in Canada
    The strength of Oil & Gas IQ’s LNG bunkering series is based on the calibre of its presenters and their invaluable insights into the industry that they know and love. We now enable you to download and review one of the best received presentations from CNGVA - Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance at last year’s event in Vancouver.
  • LNG Bunkering: WhatLNG Bunkering: What's happening in America?
    Download Keith Meyer, CEO at LNG Central's presentation from our European Summit last January. Topics covered include:
    • The impact of the shale gas boom
    • Overview of the development of fuel demand in the US: Environmentally friendly and economically well suited
    • Recent developments in LNG bunkering and the conversion of ship operators


  • Funding, Regulating, Bunkering - The Struggles Behind Europe's First Dual Fuel Barge

    In this exclusive interview, Tim Haidar speaks with Ed de Jong, Business Development at G.C.M. Deen Shipping about the challenges involved with converting your fleet to LNG and their pioneering LNG bunker barge, the Argonon.

    Ed spent 13 years in the shipbuilding arena before moving to Deen Shipping in 2011 and taking on a business development role andis specialising in project management in the field of small-scale LNG. Ed’s main focuses are  on establishing and maintaining contacts, project accounting and budget control and cost me where I focus. Edis responsible for the development and construction of the first dual fuel (Diesel & LNG) inland tanker in Europe , the Argonon.

  • LNG Is The Future Of Shipping – But It Will Be A Battle Against The TideLNG Is The Future Of Shipping – But It Will Be A Battle Against The Tide
    In this exclusive interview, Tim Haïdar speaks with Johan Algell, Managing Director of White Smoke Shipping about why liquefied natural gas (LNG) should be the shipping fuel of the future.

    In the course of this interview, Johan touches on:
    • Why LNG above other fuels? What makes this a more prominent solution to meet ECA standards than conventional fuels?
    • What is the greatest obstacle facing the expansion of LNG bunkering today?
    • The importance of co-operation between business, government and industry to make LNG bunkering a financially viable prospect.
    • Risk sharing across the stakeholder spectrum as an impetus for LNG bunker capacity development
    • 2015: Will LNG infrastructure be in place to meet ECA requirements?


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